viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

composition about someone who is creative or unique.

when i was in the middle school i know to alberto burgos. He is very intelligent .
During the middle school he won a mate contest,
after that, he won
all competences, he was really a good student.
He was the better,
he was great in the middle school, and
in the high school too.
He studied day and night;He was really bright.
It was a good experience for me to have how a partner to Alberto. The other handhe was creative , funny and a good friend. I think that he is going to
be a good account because he wanted to study that, i guess

he is going to get great things in his live.
Really i´d like me be
how is he. To he, all things was easy to do, i always
talking to his and i was to happy to know someone as bright
and creative as Alberto.

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009


1.The mayority of my class partners was strongly agree about the english importance to get a good job today.

2.About half of the students that was interviewed about the facility to find a job teaching English, if they get the appropriate training, was agree.

3.Most students of my classroom said be uncertain about if teaching English is easier than working as an interpreter.

4.Hardly any of the students that was interviewed about if working as an interpreter is more profitable than working as an English teacher was in disagree, the majority of them was agree.

5.About half of my partners said are uncertain when i asked them if native-like English is more important for translator than for language teacher.

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

hey!! it's my new blog!!

hello guys.

i'm here writing at the blog, although i haven't many things to write, i want tell you that are these the last days of clases and that we should try of learn the most possible.

there are many ways to study and learn english but the best way is doing it toghether.

Ok. i'm going to do my homework and then i'm going to go at the school, because I REALLY WANT TO LEARN!!!

bye! se you later..